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At Coastal Hearing Clinic, our goal is to provide high-quality hearing healthcare in a friendly and stress-free environment. We understand that making the decision to seek treatment for your hearing loss is an emotional and personal one. We are here to provide support, education, and to be your partners on your journey to better hearing - whether that results in the use of a hearing aid or not. Our goal is to ensure your hearing healthcare is fully provided for, and you have the opportunity to enjoy a fuller and happier quality of life.

hearing test

Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

To treat hearing loss, a comprehensive hearing assessment is the first step. Before we even begin assessments, we take the time to talk to you. We want to understand how your hearing loss is affecting your life, and what outcomes you are seeking with your hearing healthcare. After this brief conversation, you will then undergo an audiological evaluation and hearing assessment using state-of-the-art technology. These assessments will be able to determine your individual hearing profile - or an outline of your unique hearing strengths and weaknesses. We will evaluate how you hear speech in quiet and in noise. We may also determine the health and mobility of your eardrums and middle ears via tympanometry, using our specialized equipment. Additionally, we will be able to discuss your results immediately, at the very same appointment.

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hearing aid fitting

Hearing Aid Fittings

If you decide that hearing aids are the right choice for you and your life, we work with you to ensure your aids work their very best for you. During your hearing aid fitting, we will first ensure that your hearing aids fit onto or into your ears comfortably and with ease. We will then finely tune your hearing aids to match your hearing profile to ensure you receive the best possible listening experience.

parts of a hearing aid

Hearing Aid Repair

Keeping your follow up appointments are important to keep your devices working to their full potential. Clean and check appointments are conducted twice a year. If we find your device is not working properly we can usually resolve most issues right in the office, if we are not able to address a problem or your hearing aids are in need of more intensive or serious repair, we will work with the manufacturer to get them up and running for you as quickly as possible.

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Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices

Depending on the severity of the hearing loss a streaming device may be recommended in addition to hearing devices. These devices are designed to increase the speech signal so you are able to hear the television or conversational speech in a noisy place with better clarity. The sound is streamed directly through your hearing devices through a wireless transmission.

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custom hearing protection

Custom Hearing Protection

We care about the hearing you have lost, but we also care deeply about the hearing you have left! Hearing protection is extremely important and one of the most vital actions that can be taken to prevent hearing loss. At Coastal Hearing Clinic, we create custom hearing protection that is created to be uniquely yours. Our hearing protection is extremely comfortable as well as efficient because they are custom molded to fit perfectly within your ear canal. These are perfect for musicians and hunters.

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woman with tinnitus


Tinnitus is that phantom ringing, buzzing, humming, or clicking you hear in one or both of your ears. For some, tinnitus is a slight annoyance, and for others it is a constant aggravator that interferes with a person’s ability to complete daily tasks. Most of the time, tinnitus is a symptom of hearing loss, however, hearing loss is not present for every person who experiences tinnitus. Wither your tinnitus is mild or severe, whether it is caused by hearing loss or not, we will work with you to help treat this annoying symptom. There are many treatment options available to help alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus, and we will work to find the one that is the best fit for you.

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