Reclaim your phone and your life with CaptionCall!

CaptionCall is a radical new device and service for anyone with hearing problems and wants to use the phone. Although hearing loss affects millions of people for a variety of reasons, including age, disability, trauma, harsh working conditions, and military service, it does not have to restrict their ability to engage in phone conversations. This state-of-the-art and surprisingly simple telephone gives you the ability to connect with friends, family or colleagues more easily.
Frequently Asked Questions
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How does it work?

In a similar way that a captioned television works, CaptionCall uses voice-recognition technology and a communications assistant to easily produce written captions that are spoken by your conversation partner on a large, easy-to-read display. It operates like a normal phone, with the added benefit of fast, quickly updated captions. In addition, CaptionCall provides excellent sound quality with audio and frequency settings that can be adjusted to the hearing loss of each user.

Voice recognition with a live captioning agent

The captioning is performed using a live captioning agent who listens to what the callers say and uses both voice-recognition software and manual adjustments to transform the audio into captions. This mixture of technology and human intervention ensures that we deliver the most reliable captions we can. We adhere to strict privacy laws and there is no recording of your conversation.
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What do I need to use Captioncall?

In order to take advantage of this technology, there are three things you need:

  • Hearing loss necessitating your use of the service
  • High speed Internet connection
  • Standard home phone connection

Standout Features

This device has several high-quality features to enjoy, such as:
  • Large, easy-to-read text

    The included 7" screen with adjustable text sizes means you can read every word without fail.

  • Live Captioning

    Read your conversation partners words on the screen, with the help of advanced software and a live-captioning agent.

  • Touch to Call

    This helps you make calls quickly without having to punch in numbers on the number pad.

  • Saved Conversations

    Easily save the conversations you have engaged in later on if you would like to review them.

  • Customizable Audio

    You have the options of adjusting the ringer and headset volume, as well as frequency amplification.

  • Saved Volume Settings

    When you find a volume level you like, easily save for future calls.

  • Telecoil Loop Connection

    Those who use hearing aids with a telecoil will be able stream the conversation straight to their hearing aids.

  • Mute Button

    You can easily mute your voice if you want to talk to someone else in the room.

  • Visual Ringer

    A flashing alert helps draw your attention without relying on sound.

  • Regular Updates

    Receive regular automatic updates that will include new features and improvements to your CaptionCall phone to provide you with the best calling experience possible.

Common Questions About the Captioncall

How is the captioning service free?

The U.S. federal government developed a fund as a clause of the Americans with Disabilities Act to give people with hearing loss access to a captioned telephone service at no cost to them. The captioning provision is paid for with fees on all telephone bills in the US. You've already contributed if you've paid a phone bill.

Why would I need this if I already have hearing aids?

Compared to real-life conversations, phone calls have a compressed frequency range and you may find it difficult to hear more from some people than others. CaptionCall supports your hearing aids nicely and will have a beneficial effect on your general hearing experience.

Is it safe to have others listening to my conversations?

Yes, it is perfectly safe. Captioning agents receive a full background check and are vetted prior to their employment with CaptionCall for illegal drug use or other legal issues. Their training includes specific instructions that no call content will ever be disclosed. Calls will also never be recorded by anyone at CaptionCall. The CaptionCall system is designed to ensure that nothing you say to the captioning agent can be understood. The agent instead concentrates on the person you're talking to. You can turn off captions for a part of the call if you are having a conversation that includes confidential information.

To find out if you qualify for CaptionCall, schedule a hearing test with us today!

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